Weekly Fast Five: “Sew” Easy Baby Projects for Busy Moms

The Internet is full of easy-to-sew baby projects. But who really needs another crib decoration or baby name pillow? We could spend years working on fussy, gorgeous projects that are totally and completely useless. Sorry, but that’s too much of my life to waste on something I’ll never use.

Sure, we busy, practical moms want DIY to be fast and simple, but we also want our effort to result in something functional. We want something that helps make our jobs easier, but that’s also good for our little ones. We want…well, something like these nifty ideas from some other smart mamas:

1. Baby Bags
Whaa-aaat? You bag your baby?! I confess: I do. I bag because I love. Blankets are wonderful things. However, babies seem born with the ability to wiggle out of a wrapped blanket five minutes after getting put in.

Enter the Baby Bag: the un-wrappable blanket solution. Elastic at the neck makes sure your baby stays safe (so the bag doesn’t cover your baby’s face), and the snuggly fabric makes sure your little one stays warm all night long.

Best part: you can make it to your child’s size! Check out the pattern here http://bit.ly/1Gz050c

2. Baby Bath Apron Towel
If you have never gotten wet while giving your baby a bath, please raise your hand. Just as I suspected: zero hands. A normal bath-time includes splashing, playing, hugging, and lots of water—we’ve all walked away with dripping clothes at least once.

This just means we have to get clever about staying dry. Try the Baby Bath Apron Towel. An apron made of towel fabric. Protects your clothes, dries fast, and is snuggle-perfect for your clean baby. You can find the pattern here http://etsy.me/1JoOVkO

3. Wooden Baby Gym

Plastic is everywhere. Our babies’ toys, beds, bottles—plastic surrounds them, which means that I prefer to go “natural” when I can. Wooden blocks, wooden bed, and now this wooden baby gym.

Not a “sewing” project, but one simple enough to do in a few hours. Better yet: it’s safe for your baby. Smooth wood is perfect for little hands learning to grip things, and if your baby decides to chew on the gym legs you won’t need to worry about what toxins they might be ingesting. Find an easy-to-follow tutorial here http://bit.ly/1n2iZIL

4. Fifteen-Minute Diaper Clutch

It seems like we’ve gone from “diaper bags” to “diaper suitcases.” We pack everything, because who knows what you might end up needing? But there are two things you’re guaranteed to be using while you’re out: diapers and wipes.

It can take precious moments to dig through a giant bag to find the diapers, then to come up with wipes. How can we make these easier to find? Check out a diaper clutch—it pairs these two vital items for easy finding. Also, it’s both discreet and lightweight if you find yourself heading someplace where the giant bag of everything is just too big or bulky to haul around.

You’ll find a fifteen-minute pattern here http://bit.ly/1FGbz0m (This Diaper Clutch isn’t only useful, it’s quick and easy, too!)

5. Vinyl Tablecloth Roll-up Diaper Changer

But what if you need more than just a clutch? What if you want to not only carry your changing supplies around in a convenient package, but also have a safe, smooth, comfortable place to change your baby?

Three words: Roll-up Diaper Changer. Easy-to-clean changing surface? Check. Pockets for diapers and wipes? Double check. Rolls up into a small, easy-carry bundle? Of course! Quick and simple to make? You bet! This little miracle uses a round vinyl tablecloth as its base, making the DIY part that much easier. Click here for the pattern http://bit.ly/1TT2dJr

And finally, if you keep thinking, But I have NO time at all to do any of this! You can check out my shop over at Kemaily.com. We have great designer products similar to some of these projects, and helping busy moms is our favorite thing to do!

Stay classy, mamas.

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