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Valentine Treats to Melt, Bake, Or Create!

Posted by Meg on 1/31/2016 to Recipes
Valentine Treats to Melt, Bake, Or Create!
We know you're busy moms on the lookout for fun creative desserts to whip up, but have limited time! Here's a list of some quick and easy, but tasty Valentine treats for you and the whole family! Happy baking!

Quick and Easy to Whip Up Holiday Treats

Posted by Meg on 12/20/2015 to Recipes
Quick and Easy to Whip Up Holiday Treats
The Holidays are here and time is limited!  We've compiled a list of quick and easy recipes to help you get festive treats in a minimal amount of time. 

Rice Krispie Christmas Tree
Are you looking for a fast easy yet festive Christmas treat that kids will love(adults too)?
Follow the simple step by step directions from Cookies and cups! 


Chocolate Bar Indulgence

Posted by Administrator on 7/12/2015 to Kemaily

Mommy Picks: Chocolate Bar Indulgence

Bars are just the best, aren’t they? The edible kind, I mean—cookie bars. (Yeah, I know what you were thinking of, but it’s not the weekend yet, mamas.)

Bars have all the deliciousness of a cookie without two hours of scooping, shaping, and hauling pans in and out of the oven. With bars, you stick it in once, pull it out, slice, and done!

And since chocolate happens to be one of my favorite things, I thought it would be fun to share with you the chocolate bar recipes that make my mouth water just thinking about them. Chocolate likes to get around, though. It can take many dance partners, and I’ll admit: I love all combinations equa-…well, mostly equally.

Healthy Snacks for Summer

Posted by Administrator on 7/5/2015 to Kemaily
Healthy Snacks for Summer

The heat is rolling in for summer. Your kids are home all day, and when they run around outside all day, they come back hungry. Sure, some part of us longs to toss over a packaged snack and let them fill up on those. Packaged snacks are quick, easy, and don’t ask you to turn on the oven when July humidity sets in.


Thankfully, there are many creative mommies out there who have dedicated time to finding those healthy, yummy, and most of all easy snacks. Here are some of my current faves:

Make It Yourself Easy Granola Bars

Posted by Meg on 3/13/2013 to Recipes
I LOVE to bake, I would bake all day if it meant I didn't have to cook, & I wouldn't gain weight.  Sadly that will never happen, but a girl can dream =)  Just like you after dealing with kids, work, and housework the last thing you want to do it is bake.  Since that will mean you will be 1. stuck in the kitchen longer and 2. be forced to clean up that mess to.