Minion Mania

Alright! Fine! I’ll admit it: I’ve given in to the minion madness. Something about their shy smiles, their naïve innocence, or maybe their mostly bald, yellow heads just pulls at my heart and my sense of humor.


Therefore, in honor of the recent Minions movie release—and its adorable stars—here are some craft ideas for you. (Trust me: the little minion-lover in your life will thank you!)

NOTE: The instructions for these first three crochet patterns are in Spanish. Unless you are fluent in Spanish, you may want to use Google Chrome or another browser that can translate the instructions into English for you.



Calling all Minion lovers! Try out this pattern for Kevin, the tall, spike-haired minion of the trio who sets out on adventures in the Minions movie. With eyes half-closed and a crooked smile, this plush, huggable minion looks like he’s holding secrets we can only guess at. An adorable companion for any child!


You can find the pattern here:


Ah, Stuart. With his knowing smirk and slicked-down hair, Stuart fancies himself to be Mr. Suave. His single eye is fascinating to little ones, and he’s just as huggable as his good buddy Kevin.

Stuart’s pattern can be found here:


Kevin is wise and Stuart is smooth, but Bob is the adorable innocent. Wide-eyed and curious, Bob’s short, round shape is perfect for snuggling into for naptime or playtime. Looking into those happy eyes, one can’t help but feel the same excitement and simple delight Bob brings to the world.


Click here for Bob’s pattern:

Minion Slippers

There’s cute, and then there’s heart-warmingly adorable, or in the case of these minion slippers: foot-warmingly adorable? You can use the pattern—for only five dollars—to make baby booties, children’s slippers, or a gift for that friend who has a secret (or not-so-secret) obsession with the yellow cuties. I confess: even I want a pair of these!

Click here for the pattern:

Minion Pillows

How do you like your minions? Sleepy? Happy? Sassy? I prefer mine comfortable, but these minion pillows have both cuddle AND attitude. Who doesn’t want to cuddle up with these? Plush enough to fit right in on your bed, with character enough to be entertaining, these are a must have for the minion-lover in your life (even if that’s yourself!).

Click here and scroll down for the free pattern:

Minion Baby Booties

With autumn and winter coming up all too quickly, you want to make sure that your tiny little one is warm enough. However, there’s no reason they can’t be warm AND show off their minion attitude! With cheerful yellow, bright blue trim, and wide minion eyes, you can’t help but coo over these adorable booties. (P.S. – They also make great baby shower gifts!)

View the free pattern here:

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Date 10/14/2021

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