Kids need space to explore their world and grow. While the bedrooms are great for studying and resting, they could also benefit from a playroom where they can let their imaginations run wild. If you have a formal dining room, den or even a loft that’s largely unused, then you’ve got the perfect space for a playroom. With a few creative ideas and the right storage, you can easily transform the area and delight your entire family.

Upgrade the Lighting and Electrical

Remember that as your kids grow, they’re going to have more electronic toys that need to be plugged in. Make sure that your new playroom has plenty of outlets. If you’re finishing off a basement or garage, then this is the perfect opportunity to add a few outlets for future use. You may also want to beef up the lighting to ensure that the area is well lit and inviting. If you’re not a licensed electrician, then you may want to put safety first and call a professional company to handle the additional wiring.

Storage, Storage, and More Storage

Never underestimate the importance of storage in a playroom. The kids have plenty of toys,and they need plenty of shelves and bins to keep everything put away. Consider putting shelves along one entire wall. Use fabric bins and lightweight baskets that your kids can easily carry around to clean everything up when you’re done. If your kids like to play dress-up games, then add some hooks in one area for hanging up a few robes, jackets and other items. Chests are ideal for soft blankets, the stuffed animal collection, and dolls. Add a foam cushion to the top and you’ll also have a handy seat.

Input From the Most Important Focus Group

You know what you want the play room to look like, but your kids know what it should feel like. Ask your son or daughter what they would like to have in this space. Your son may really want a chalk board or wall, but your daughter may be dreaming of a magnetic area where she can spell out words with colorful magnets. As you discover what matters the most to your children, you can incorporate those ideas into the finished space.

The Indoor Playground

If you have high ceilings, then you can bring the outdoor playground inside. Build a platform up on the wall where the kids can have their own cool fort. Put a rock climbing wall for easy access and give them a slide for an exit. Add some fluffy pillows and blankets underneath for campouts or quiet time spent reading. Try to leave space for a table and chairs where your child can work on puzzles and other crafts. This will make the playroom more cozy during periods of bad weather, when it';s best to stay inside the house.

Safety Considerations

Even if your kids are a little older, you still want their space to be safe. Any structures you add should be sturdy enough to support your weight comfortably. Choose short curtains or shutters in order to avoid blinds with long draw strings. Consider putting down foam floor tiles if you have a large open area where your child will be prone to running or tumbling. Soft-close hinges can help prevent pinched fingers, and secure shelves and other tall items to the walls in case your children decide to climb.

The Ability to Grow

If you're into DIY home maintenance, put effort into designing a playroom that can grow with your child. You can easily change colors and themes down the road, but you don’t want to completely redo the shelves because they no longer fit the changing toys. Framed corkboards are perfect for displaying artwork today and great grades tomorrow. Keep your built-ins as neutral and versatile as possible so that the space can serve your family for many years to come. When designing the storage, consider the sports equipment and school books that will come in the future, and look for durable furniture that can withstand the regular use and even abuse. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Finally, take the time to repurpose furniture so that you can save money. Dressers make great toy boxes, and you can turn an old end table into a funky little stool for your child. Before you go the store for new furniture, look around your own home to see what might work in the space. Don’t be afraid to completely repurpose furniture so that it can suit your kids’ needs perfectly. You’ll save money while creating a fun space that your son or daughter is sure to love. In addition to looking around your own home, visit the thrift stores to see what great finds are available in your area.

If your home doesn’t have an official playroom, then it’s time to make a change. With a few smart additions, you can easily transform an unused space into a fun area for the kids. Whether it’s the basement or a sunroom, you can give your child a space for spreading out the toys and just being a kid. With the right organization and storage options, you’ll also ensure that it’s easy to clean up afterwards.

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