Dress Up Time! Imagine Me As…

Imagine me as…a queen, a lion, a dinosaur, a giant cookie. The single most magical part of childhood is the constant imagination that we are not only allowed to, but encouraged to exercise as often as we like.

Want to be a princess? Here’s a dress—close your eyes, pretend, and your room becomes a castle. Want to be a pirate? A paper towel tube and too-large hat can send you to the high seas.

Every burst of imagination can be enhanced with a little creativity. (And let’s be honest—a real princess dress always trumped the one made from a towel wrapped around your waist.) So this week Kemaily brings you creative ways to help along the spark of your little one’s imagination:

Princess Room Makeover

Castles don’t have to be expensive. Sometimes, all it takes is a touch here or there to transform a room from “normal” to “royal” for your little princess. This website shows how to create a room that is simple, clean, and elegant, but with tiny details—sparkling doorknobs and pink ribbons for handles, for example—that give the room a distinctly feminine and regal appeal.


To see the full list of ideas, Click here to visit Yellow Bliss Road! 



The Royal Nursery

Why not start the magic early? The Well-Styled Child has ideas for turning a nursery into a place of magic and wonder. That remnant of cloth you love but don’t have much of? It can become the single front panel of the crib bumper. Light colors, small touches—again, simple and elegant are the keywords.

 For details on creating this wonderland, click here to visit The Well Styled Child



Cheap and Easy Costumes

The heart of dress up: the costume itself. It seems like most tutorials or stores want us to spend sooooo much time and money, when really all we need is a thrift store, our recycle bin, and a little imagination. Okay, so the article says “Halloween” costumes, but many of these would be perfect for a rainy day dress up party. Most are quick, easy DIY costumes, able to be made with things usually kept on hand.

Fifty-one ideas designed for ideas of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages: Click here to view list! 



Dress Up Storage Rack

Once imagination time is over, and the pirates and chefs and fairies have all returned to being human, we are left with The Aftermath (dun-dun-dunnnn). The Aftermath looks a lot like scattered tiaras and eye patches, tossed off clothing and accessories in piles on the floor.

To help you and your little one keep the creative chaos from getting too far out of hand, try making a special place for all of the dress-up items to go! If the dress-up things aren’t being used, they can go in the Dress Up Storage Rack, specially designed for fairies and pirates alike.

Check out the organizational magic at Ana White! Click here to view  


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