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DIY Sew Your Own Face Mask

Posted by on 9/3/2020 to DIY
You don't need to be a professional to sew your own face mask. Following the steps in the video below will have you sewing and creating your own mask before you know it. With all the fabrics to choose from in stores, you can create one that matches your personality. 

Completed mask following tutorial

Watch the tutorial here 

Please note these are not medical grade masks. 

5 Ways to Green Up Your Kid's Next Party

Posted by Emily Preston on 11/6/2016 to Babies & Children
Kids parties these days sometimes get a little out of control. It seems like parents are constantly
competing to see whose child’s party can be the biggest and the best.

All of this competition leads to parties where no expense is spared and enormous amounts of
waste are generated. When the party is over, bags of trash are needed to get rid of the balloons,
decorations, disposable plates and all the rest of the refuse.

You can save a lot of money by reducing waste and going green for your child’s next birthday
party. It does take some prior planning, but you can eliminate waste by keeping the party small
and following some easy tips to go green.

How To: Turn an Unused Room into a New Playroom

Posted by Jeff E. Brown on 7/17/2016 to DIY

Kids need space to explore their world and grow. While the bedrooms are great for studying and resting, they could also benefit from a playroom where they can let their imaginations run wild. If you have a formal dining room, den or even a loft that’s largely unused, then you’ve got the perfect space for a playroom. With a few creative ideas and the right storage, you can easily transform the area and delight your entire family.

Repurposed Furniture Ideas for Kids

Posted by Meg on 2/26/2016 to DIY
Repurposed Furniture Ideas for Kids
I am a huge fan of repurposing furniture, especially older items, as the quality always seem so much better than todays items.  Nothing like repurposing to save you from having to pitch it! Check out these kid geared furniture hacks to keep in mind. Check out these crafty mama's and be sure to click the links for their complete DIY instructions where they break it down for you!

Make it Yourself Valentine Crafts

Posted by Meg on 1/17/2016 to DIY
Make it Yourself Valentine Crafts
Looking for some Valentine ideas to get inspired for your little ones upcoming class party? I've compiled a short and sweet list of some fun, some easy to whip up Valentines crafts. Make it yourself or involve the kids and make it a family event!

6 Absolutely Adorable Crochet Hat Patterns for Girls

Posted by Meg on 1/10/2016 to DIY
6 Absolutely Adorable Crochet Hat Patterns for Girls
Do you crochet or know someone that does? Here's a list of some of the cutest crochet hats rounded up into one nice and neat list for you! These warm and snuggly crochet hats are perfect to wear or make this chilly snowy time of year. Click the names under the photos to grab the crochet pattern. 

DIY King Size Farm House Bed

Posted by Meg on 12/24/2015 to DIY
DIY King Size Farm House Bed
I have been searching for the perfect bed for literally years now, trying to find one in the style and quality you would want in a bed.  Most of what we seen in the style we wanted were flimsy or made with wood that probably wasn't the best choice. The desire to dish out money for quality that we were seeing wasn't there, from there the adventure began and we started looking at plans online. After some more time of searching I finally found a photo of what I wanted.  The husband then took over and was able to find some plans to create the perfect bed for us thanks to Ana White. 

How to Make a Rice Heating Pad

Posted by Meg on 11/22/2015 to DIY
How to Make a Rice Heating Pad
These rice filled pads are amazing, useful little things that help with many things such as:
  • Muscle Aches
  • Backaches
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Or just plain warming up!
These are also useful if you need something cold to help with swelling, just pull out of the freezer and set it on the problem area! After having severe issues with my spine this Summer and many visits to the Chiropractor I have been looking for safer items to use than just electrical heating pads. Not to mention these are one of the easiest projects to whip up. I added drops of Young Living's Essential Lavender to the rice for a little aromatherapy as well.  

DIY Storage Bins: The Sanity-Savers

Posted by Meg on 11/1/2015 to DIY
DIY Storage Bins: The Sanity-Savers
Toys, costumes, shoes, hair clips, rubber balls, and countless other of my children’s things seem to constantly appear underfoot. One aching foot too many and we decided to implement new policies for cleanup time. Organization begins with a Designated Place for everything. Once we had those places set up and clearly marked, then we began teaching our little ones that if they weren’t playing with or wearing it, it went in the Designated Place. 

Getting that Designated Place settled can be half the battle. But not to fear: Kemaily mom is here! And she’s bringing several DIY storage ideas to help other busy moms and grandmas and child caretakers get organized. Enjoy.

Dress Up Time! Imagine Me As…

Posted by Meg on 10/17/2015 to DIY
Dress Up Time! Imagine Me As…

Imagine me as…a queen, a lion, a dinosaur, a giant cookie. The single most magical part of childhood is the constant imagination that we are not only allowed to, but encouraged to exercise as often as we like.

Want to be a princess? Here’s a dress—close your eyes, pretend, and your room becomes a castle. Want to be a pirate? A paper towel tube and too-large hat can send you to the high seas.

Every burst of imagination can be enhanced with a little creativity. (And let’s be honest—a real princess dress always trumped the one made from a towel wrapped around your waist.) So this week Kemaily brings you creative ways to help along the spark of your little one’s imagination:

Easy Make it Yourself Fall Wreath

Posted by Meg on 9/27/2015 to DIY
Easy Make it Yourself Fall Wreath
I have always wanted a different festive wreath on my door for each season and holiday. A wreath on the door is a sign of celebration. It says that we are happy to welcome autumn, or the Fourth of July, or Christmas, and shares this celebratory spirit with anyone who comes to my door. 

Crocheting Through the Chilly Blues

Posted by Meg on 9/12/2015 to DIY
Crocheting Through the Chilly Blues

Fall is right around the corner, and behind it Old Man Winter is creeping up. Some people might fall into despair when thinking about the snow and freezing cold that will lock us into our houses for days on end. Not us! Instead, we’ve collected some ideas for crafts to keep busy in the dark, cold months ahead.

Minion Mania

Posted by Administrator on 8/2/2015 to Babies & Children
Minion Mania

Alright! Fine! I’ll admit it: I’ve given in to the minion madness. Something about their shy smiles, their naïve innocence, or maybe their mostly bald, yellow heads just pulls at my heart and my sense of humor.


Therefore, in honor of the recent Minions movie release—and its adorable stars—here are some craft ideas for you. (Trust me: the little minion-lover in your life will thank you!)

DIY Lego Storage Makeovers

Posted by Administrator on 7/22/2015 to Babies & Children
DIY Lego Storage Makeovers
Are you on the hunt for some DIY Lego table makeovers/storage ideas? Keeping all those little pieces organized can be time consuming. So why not create a center made just for lego’s! Check out what some of these moms did to inspire you!

Mommy’s Picks: DIY Patriotic Family Wear

Posted by Administrator on 6/28/2015 to DIY

Ready to celebrate the Fourth of July? Our Independence Day is a chance for us to celebrate freedom, patriotism, and all good qualities the U.S. of A. has to offer. We have some ideas for kicking the celebration into high gear! Show off your pride in your nation, and get a little red, white, and blue this year!


Sew Easy Baby Projects for Busy Moms

Posted by Administrator on 6/14/2015 to Babies & Children
weekly Fast Five: “Sew” Easy Baby Projects for Busy Moms The Internet is full of easy-to-sew baby projects. But who really needs another crib decoration or baby name pillow? We could spend years working on fussy, gorgeous projects that are totally and completely useless. Sorry, but that’s too much of my life to waste on something I’ll never use. Sure, we busy, practical moms want DIY to be fast and simple, but we also want our effort to result in something functional. We want something that helps make our jobs easier, but that’s also good for our little ones. We want…well, something like these nifty ideas from some other smart mamas:

How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Meg on 6/18/2014 to DIY
How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets
How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Without Losing Your Mind

Mini Easy DIY Kitchen Remodel

Posted by on 1/17/2014 to DIY
Mini Easy DIY Kitchen Remodel
When we bought this house in 2009, it was a foreclosed, completely trashed house. Most everything had to be ripped out/gutted and redone. Since I was 8 months pregnant when we finally closed on the house we had a severe time crunch. Our initial goal was 2 months and in(ha!), but that was not the case.  After we ripped all the cabinets from the kitchen, on some walls you could still see the outline of cabinets. We should have skim coated, but there was no time. Finally, 4 years later we found an inexpensive way to not only fix it, but throw up a backsplash too! So not even 24 hours after hubby making the statement "I am tired of working on this house!", we are at it again ;)