DIY Storage Bins: The Sanity-Savers

Toys, costumes, shoes, hair clips, rubber balls, and countless other of my children’s things seem to constantly appear underfoot. One aching foot too many and we decided to implement new policies for cleanup time. Organization begins with a Designated Place for everything. Once we had those places set up and clearly marked, then we began teaching our little ones that if they weren’t playing with or wearing it, it went in the Designated Place.

Getting that Designated Place settled can be half the battle. But not to fear: Kemaily mom is here! And she’s bringing several DIY storage ideas to help other busy moms and grandmas and child caretakers get organized. Enjoy.

Wooden Storage Bins

Kids can be rough on furniture. You need something strong, something durable that will hold up to tossing and banging and climbing. Enter: the wooden storage bins. Designed for easy take out/return, with stackable abilities that aim to please, these bins are sturdy enough to endure many, many playdates.


Check out the DIY plans here 

 Or, for a smaller version

Pull-Out Storage Bins

Again: you want sturdy and durable. Enter the new kid on the block: washable! The frame for these bins is wooden, which gives it the solidity to hold up under rough play. The bins themselves are heavy-duty plastic. Easy for taking out and carrying around, easy for putting back in, and if something sticky spills onto it, just wipe with a damp cloth and you’re good! Strong, convenient, and easy-care in one stylish package. Oh, and did we mention the easy-change labels you can


You can find the FREE plans here


Playroom Storage

There are many, many ideas on this next site, but there are two that I particularly like. First, using clips for important or decorative papers. This spares your walls the stickiness of tape or push pins and looks classier than a bulletin board. Plus, the backboard can be painted or varnished to go with any theme or color scheme you like.


The second idea I really like is moving the pullout storage (see: Pullout Storage Bins, above) up onto the wall. Going vertical adds storage space without cutting into your living space, and the pull-out bins are still easy to reach. Win-win all around.


You can find these ideas and how to create here! 

Side Table with Shelf

This is a compact, multi-purpose storage table for your little one’s bedside. The bottom bin-like area holds toys, while the shelf above it is great for books or items your child wants to reach easily from their bed. Solid wood makes this table secure enough to handle bumps and knocks. Paint to match any color scheme you want, and voila! Your storage table is ready for organization assistance.


Instructions for the table can be found by clicking this link 



Repurposing for Organization

Instead of buying new things to store old things in, wouldn’t it be easier—and cheaper—to use what we already have to make storage spaces for your little one’s items? That was the thought at Design Dazzle, and WOW, have they got some great ideas! They’ve found ways to make coffee cans, popcorn tins, and old suitcases into slick, vintage, or elegant storage tools.


Check out the awesome ideas here  

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