Easy Make it Yourself Fall Wreath

I have always wanted a different festive wreath on my door for each season and holiday. A wreath on the door is a sign of celebration. It says that we are happy to welcome autumn, or the Fourth of July, or Christmas, and shares this celebratory spirit with anyone who comes to my door.

Of course, the wreaths that you absolutely adore always seem to be a bit pricier than what either your practical nature or budget will allow. (At least, that’s how it works for me!)

Enter: the magic of friendship. I have a DIY girlfriend who is the quintessential “Pinterest Mom.” Give her a hot glue gun and she can create works of art out of anything! She insisted how easy it is to make a burlap wreath, but I was a bit skeptical, as I’ve never been a crafty person. I knew I was never going to spend $50-70 for something to hang on my front door, so after listening through many holiday seasons to her talk about how “simple” the wreath was to make, this year I decided to try her method and see for myself.

I started by scouring the internet to find those perfect videos to walk me through it, specifically ones with “easy” in the title, and after watching a few I realized this might not be so bad! One video in particular does a great job at getting you started—and as we all know, getting started is half the battle.

Honestly, this thing was made from start to finish in only 30-40 minutes. And—delightful surprise—it looks super cute on my door! Check out the video below to try it for yourself!

How to start the wreath


Part 2


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