Crocheting Through the Chilly Blues

Crocheting Through the Chilly Blues

Fall is right around the corner, and behind it Old Man Winter is creeping up. Some people might fall into despair when thinking about the snow and freezing cold that will lock us into our houses for days on end. Not us! Instead, we’ve collected some ideas for crafts to keep busy in the dark, cold months ahead.

Dolls, rattles, trinkets—things you can easily make with basic crochet skills, but that will keep both you and then your little ones entertained for hours. And what’s better than knowing that you brought your little one days of delight with the adorable toys made by YOU?

Rainbow Cuddles Crochet Unicorn

Inspired “IT’S SO FLUFFY” unicorn from Despicable Me, this colorful cuddle buddy is sure to delight any child. From its little black eyes to the curly, rainbow tail, this unicorn is designed for tactile exploration and naptime snuggles. Start now, and this will be a fine holiday gift for any child!

To view the free pattern, click here:


Pretty Princess Lovey

A soft, snuggly doll that can look like any character your little princess wants it to? Win! This pattern—which costs less than five dollars—can be easily customized to look like anyone’s favorite princess. Long sleeves, gloves, dresses, stripes, or hair styles can all be adjusted to create the perfect princess doll.


The pattern can be found here:

Also, click here ( to check out some of the princess loveys one mom created from that pattern! You can use her ideas—free of charge—or use her creativity to inspire your own and create a new Princess Lovey that’s all yours!


Princess Hat with Crown and Braids

Your princess knows who she is—beautiful, elegant, maybe a little sassy, and definitely royal. Why not let the rest of the world see it, too? You adore that special little girl in your life, and now you can make her a crown, complete with princess braids! This warm and snuggly hat is perfect for everyday play, for being outside on cool autumn days, and even for Halloween costumes. You can change the “hair” color to be any princess your little one wants!


To find the FREE pattern, click here:


Queen Elsa Braid Hat

Similar to the last idea is this crocheted braid hat inspired by the Disney movie Frozen. This soft, warm hat is the perfect gift for little ones that are obsessed with the Frozen movie. Either for playtime or a costume complement, any little princess will feel like a magical queen while wearing this cozy hat!


The FREE pattern can be found here:


Lala Oopsie Doll

Do you have a Lala Oopsie fan in your life? Then these Lala Oopsie Dolls are perfect project for you and them! Soft and snuggly, but easily customizable, these crocheted dolls can be adjusted to look like any of the Lala Oppsie characters.


For the FREE pattern, click here:

Crochet Baby Owl Rattle

Maybe the little one in your heart is too little for the above projects? That’s fine—we have a project for the tiny littles, too! A baby’s first months are defined with new sensory experiences, and this rattle is a perfect way to delight their senses. Bright colors to catch the eye, a rattle to fascinate their hearing, and soft yarn to create a gentle pattern for their little fingers to play with. The pattern—just under five dollars—is well worth it for the hours of happiness it will bring to your tiny little one.


To view the pattern, click here:



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