Bars are just the best, aren’t they? The edible kind, I mean—cookie bars. (Yeah, I know what you were thinking of, but it’s not the weekend yet, mamas.)

Bars have all the deliciousness of a cookie without two hours of scooping, shaping, and hauling pans in and out of the oven. With bars, you stick it in once, pull it out, slice, and done!

And since chocolate happens to be one of my favorite things, I thought it would be fun to share with you the chocolate bar recipes that make my mouth water just thinking about them. Chocolate likes to get around, though. It can take many dance partners, and I’ll admit: I love all combinations equa-…well, mostly equally.

Here you are, mamas: some chocolate bar indulgence recipes to sweeten your life. May your day be completely, decadently indulgent!

Chocolate and Oatmeal

We’ll start with the “healthy” options. Thankfully, the oatmeal gives in to the power of chocolate and, used correctly, can help to create a heavy, crumbly texture that is the next thing to heaven.


For example, there Oatmeal Chocolate Cookie Bars with their gooey, chocolatey center are guaranteed to bring you bliss! Visit TableforTwoBlog for recipe here ►

And we also recommend Starbucks’ Oat-Fudge Bars—thick, crumbly oat bars with chunks of fudge to sweeten the deal—irresistible!  Click here for recipe

Chocolate and Mint

The heat of summer is rolling in, and nothing refreshes like a dash of mint to cool you from the inside out! Try these Fudge Mint Gooey Brownie Bars for a dessert that is both rich and reviving!

Visit InsideBrucrewlife for recipe here

Chocolate and Coconut

Think tropical islands and you think exotic flowers, juicy pineapples, and the rich sweetness of coconut. If chocolate went walking on the beach at sunset and fell madly in love with a native coconut, these Coconut Chocolate Bars would be the end result! Try this treat today and get in a tropical mindset!

 Click here to view recipe from

Chocolate and Butterscotch

Chocolate and butterscotch have been making a satisfying harmony for years. Get a little of the sweet music for your own mouth and try these Chocolate Butterscotch Squares. Only five ingredients—so easy! Visit allrecipes here for recipe



Chocolate and Caramel

This classic pair is always a delight for the taste buds. Take chocolate, thread caramel through it, drizzle caramel on top, and make sure it gets all warm and gooey. Your mouth watering yet? Because that’s the exact deliciousness wrapped up in these amazing Chocolate Caramel Bars! Click here for recipe


Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Not quite as standard as PB & J, but pretty close. We like this team so much we’ve made it into candies, ice creams, granola bars, and even breakfast cereals. Here’s a grown-up chocolate and peanut butter treat for you to pamper your mouth with: Peanut Butter Bars smothered in chocolate. Best part? It’s no-bake. You don’t even have to turn on your oven. Click here for recipe


Chocolate and…and…Now, that’s just not fair

Caramel and peanut butter with chocolate? That’s downright sinful! All I can say is: YES, please!!! (Chocolate Caramel Peanut Butter Bars: Recipe


Make time today for some personal indulgence. (And, yes, the nice thing to do would be sharing…but, no, it’s not required.)

Stay classy, mamas.

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