Changes Coming to Kemaily
I have say I feel so blessed by all our fans to be able to do what I love. At the same time I get to be home and raise our three girls while working from home! This year my youngest Kiley is beginning first grade(how did that happen?) and it's been a real learning experience juggling working/teaching three. One hard and constant lesson that I have ignored was that I can't do everything despite working longer hours. What many do not know about Kemaily is we are literally a blessed small business. As in, myself and then my awesome husband whose an Engineer by day turned Kemaily worker by night. Which I love because I can't get enough of him =) So the person you see posting all over social media, answering emails/posts/comments, website work, sewing, taking product shots, editing, crafting new pieces of art and irresistibly soft minky items, that's me! When it comes time for packing and shipping my husband teams up with me and we knock those babies out! Over the next few months we will be transitioning and I will be discontinuing some products and lines and focus on the ones I am super passionate about while also having more free time with the family. I feel this will make for an even better experience for you when shopping with us. 


Amanda peck

Date 11/27/2015

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