Finding the Perfect Outfit & Minky Blanket for Your Little Fashionista

Posted by on 12/4/2016 to Babies & Children

Here at Kemaily we know you're on the hunt for that perfect little outfit for your precious little ones. Our baby girl headbands and bloomer outfits are perfect for your little ones upcoming photo shoots, cake smash, playdates, or even everyday wear! 

5 Ways to Green Up Your Kid's Next Party

Posted by Emily Preston on 11/6/2016 to Babies & Children
Kids parties these days sometimes get a little out of control. It seems like parents are constantly
competing to see whose child’s party can be the biggest and the best.

All of this competition leads to parties where no expense is spared and enormous amounts of
waste are generated. When the party is over, bags of trash are needed to get rid of the balloons,
decorations, disposable plates and all the rest of the refuse.

You can save a lot of money by reducing waste and going green for your child’s next birthday
party. It does take some prior planning, but you can eliminate waste by keeping the party small
and following some easy tips to go green.

Minion Mania

Posted by Administrator on 8/2/2015 to Babies & Children
Minion Mania

Alright! Fine! I’ll admit it: I’ve given in to the minion madness. Something about their shy smiles, their naïve innocence, or maybe their mostly bald, yellow heads just pulls at my heart and my sense of humor.


Therefore, in honor of the recent Minions movie release—and its adorable stars—here are some craft ideas for you. (Trust me: the little minion-lover in your life will thank you!)

DIY Lego Storage Makeovers

Posted by Administrator on 7/22/2015 to Babies & Children
DIY Lego Storage Makeovers
Are you on the hunt for some DIY Lego table makeovers/storage ideas? Keeping all those little pieces organized can be time consuming. So why not create a center made just for lego’s! Check out what some of these moms did to inspire you!

Does It Get Any Cuter Than This?

Posted by Administrator on 7/8/2015 to Babies & Children
Does It Get Any Cuter Than This?

There is nothing better than summer!! Seeing your kids running through the sprinklers, playing soccer, softball, rolling down hills and just playing till they have nothing more to give! When the sun sets you see your babies enter the door with filthy little hands and feet climbing up to the table for dinner. Oh how they had such a fun day filled of adventures and imagination. 

Sew Easy Baby Projects for Busy Moms

Posted by Administrator on 6/14/2015 to Babies & Children
weekly Fast Five: “Sew” Easy Baby Projects for Busy Moms The Internet is full of easy-to-sew baby projects. But who really needs another crib decoration or baby name pillow? We could spend years working on fussy, gorgeous projects that are totally and completely useless. Sorry, but that’s too much of my life to waste on something I’ll never use. Sure, we busy, practical moms want DIY to be fast and simple, but we also want our effort to result in something functional. We want something that helps make our jobs easier, but that’s also good for our little ones. We want…well, something like these nifty ideas from some other smart mamas: