How did we come up with our name?

Choosing our name was incredibly easy!! Our three beautiful girls made up our business name by combining each of their names with the end result of Kemaily™. Our business has always been a dream of mine and to have family play such a big role was a must!

Who is Kemaily?

As a stay at home mom, I started this business as a hobby after the birth of our 3rd daughter. Within a year it quickly grew into a full time career and from there its morphed into a family business! We retired in 2017, welcoming our 4th daughter shortly after, but have since relaunched April 2020

Kemaily™ has become so much more then I have ever dreamed! Kemaily™ embodies the spirit of an American small business. We are dedicated to high-quality fashionable products and to personal service for every customer. We carry everything from children’s clothes, burp cloths, minky baby blankets, adult blankets, to hair accessories, baby bloomers, lace petti rompers, and leg warmers! And of course personalization is available!  We are your one stop shop for high quality fashion for your little one!

I have always loved being creative!  Have you ever walked into the fabric and craft store and been smitten by a row of colorful new prints or box of new craft supplies you just had to have? That’s me every time! I am very blessed to do exactly what I love to everyday!! Kemaily™ is my dream, love and passion and I am so privileged to be able to share it with you, from my family to yours! 

Kemaily™ embodies the spirit of an American small business: we are dedicated to high-quality products and to personal service for every customer.

We are also a staff of three: me. In addition to being mother, teacher and homemaker, I am also the Kemaily™ owner, manager, designer, customer service rep, seamstress, photographer, and all-purpose worker of any other magic that needs to happen to keep the company running smoothly. Because life does not stop for anything, even business, a customized order will take longer than one or two days. However, I guarantee that when you receive your Kemaily™ order it will be a high-quality product and it will be designed just for you.

With the support of my husband, who is a wizard with computers and shipping management, and my daughters, who are eagerly learning to sew their own projects, our family has made a dream come true. I am living my dream, and it is beyond anything I could have believed or imagined! I do hope that Kemaily™ can help you find what you’re looking for so that you have more time to pursue your own dreams. Thank you for supporting Kemaily™ and American small businesses everywhere. Best wishes and happy shopping!

Our second daughter, Maia, is also learning the role currently of website management and aiding in customer service so that your questions are answered promptly.